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I got into Global Business Program!

Long time ago, I used to think that being in a top programme like Global Business or Quantitative Finance is an admission ticket to the most competitive jobs. Even longer time ago, I used to think that graduating from one of the best highschool in Hong Kong guarantee success in college admission. As most of my fellow readers know, these are not true. Getting into a top programme benefit students in much the same way as going to a top high school. The peer group are usually more motivated and talented. Another benefit is the extra resource that are allocated to these elite programme. Nonetheless, success should not be taken for granted without diligence, confidence and persistence. Not every Global Business students get into Investment Bank or Consulting Firms. One obvious reason is these jobs are not right for everyone. Another reason might be the competition from the best graduates globally. But the most important reason is that during the long marathon of career development, they are outperformed by their seemingly less competitive peers. These seemingly less competitive peers might come from other "mass" programme like BBA or Accounting or Finance. But it is not uncommon to hear successful stories in these "mass" programme. Psychology major (from CUHK) get into consulting. Accounting major get into Investmet Bank with a Wharton exchange waiting ahead. These are not miracle but just a combination of diligence, confidence and presistence. At the end of the day from the employers' point of view, what matters are your competence, exposure and knowledge, which is related to but not dictated by your major. If you are studying in a "mass" programme, you can afford to be a bit more optimistic about what you can achieve (at your junior years). If you are studying in an "elite" programme, having a sense of crisis doesn't hurt.

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