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1-1 Relationship

Team up with Alex, no one else. Avg. 2-3 years coaching, conference calls,  weekly meetings, daily emails. Result-based fee cultivate long term and intimate relationship.
Long Term Guidance


Alex personally picked each of his students. On average students received coaching over a period of 2-3 years. Alex is always there from when they first starting to understand the job market, abroad for exchange to applying and interviewing for internships and graduate jobs. Alex knows each of his students extremely well as they grow. Moreover, any questions you might have, some senior students has already asked Alex before. There is no limitation on coaching hours and we won't stop until you start a graduate job.

Team up with Alex


At AW Coaching you get Alex Wong, no one else. You need more than a mentor or senior to win the competition of job market. You need a trusted partner who is in the competition with you. The structure of Coaching Program makes sure of that: no upfront charge, 100% result-based fee based on the offers you take. Students do not pay any fee until they get paid by their employers. Alex wants you to win as much as you do. He will leverage all his knowledge, experience, network and any resources at his disposal to make sure you and him are well prepared to win the best offers

Lifelong Friendship


Career Development is a long journey. From writing the first CV to securing a graduate job offer, you will go through many ups and downs. On average applicants get at least 5 rejects before getting the first offer. Alex offers support, encouragement and guidance when facing the pressure and failure, which could be a game changer when it changes your attitude. Throughout the process, friendships are formed and go long beyond the coaching program.

10 years from now you might still be seeking guidance from Alex. Friendship like this is his biggest motivation.

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